Wednesday, January 25, 2012

UiTM: BEL313 assignment 1 & 2

Assalamualaikum wr wbt,

hye people! (adik2 uitm especially) Below are my BEL 313 assignments in which most of it I prepared myself. Please bear in mind, the assignments were back dated in year 2011. (I was in Diploma in Accountancy part 5)

There are only 2 assignments uploaded - Assignment 1 & 2, as for assignment 3 (group forum), I am very sorry to inform that I do not keep the complete folio assignment.

You can click on the link given below to view my assignments. But please! DO NOT COPY! Use them as reference only. Insya-Allah, you can get an A too :)

For those who faced difficulties in doing this assignments, I suggested you to do more readings on journals, articles on internet or through books in the library. Please do aggresive readings, okay? Refer to any sample of seniors assignments in order to give you a better view of what you re going to do/write. And don't forget to consult your lecturer too. I'm giving you tips :)

source: google

assignment 1 (group) : CLICK HERE 1

assignment 2 (individual) : CLICK HERE 2

With regards, 
UiTM future lecturer (hopefully)

credit to:
Dayang Liyana bt Abg Affendie (partner buat assignment aku) &
Dr Caesar De Alwis (lecturer BEL 313 aku)

UiTM Samarahan, Sarawak.


EG said...


Ash-The-Latitude said...

terbaek~ *suara BoBoiboy*

Anonymous said...

cantikkkkkk ah ! hehe

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.. :)

princess mynn said...

course ape dulu? neh bel introduction to critical thinking kn?

Ash-The-Latitude said...

assalam @princessmynn , saya dulu budak diploma perakaunan uitm sarawak kampus samarahan :) yup ini bel introduction to critical thinking :)

Hazwan Azizi said...

thanks sgt2.. contoh yg sgt membantu :-)

lintasan zaimi said...

ada contoh assgment fallacy tak.. leh email

faizal rahana said...

Not Bad ..tq..

Anonymous said...

maafkan saya.. boleh tak tunjuk contoh fallacies.. :) ... boleh saya buat rujukan...

AYuNG said...

as Salam,

dtg cari contoh....thanks.

♥My Perfect High Heels ♥ said...

ada lagi tk u punye assg ni? or ur friend?

Ash-The-Latitude said...

memo from writer:
this is my assignments dated back in year 2011. so perhaps now, in 2014 the format might differ and changed. i am sorry but this is all i have. i don't think any of my friends still keep their assignments :) its too back dated..perhaps you guys can ask your own senior. i would really love to help but sorry this is all i have :)